Monday, January 18, 2010

working away

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I've been workin' like a fool the last few days and that is just fine with me. I'm always grateful to be busy. Plus that means it's hubs turn to do to the grocery shopping and the dinner cooking! Sweet team that we make around here.

Tenn Hens has been cranking out a few new ideas and working on a big 16th birthday invitation. Apparently, a sweet sixteenth is all the rage. I'm pretty sure I just had a barn party with hot dogs and ruffles. Plus I always drew my own invitations and had them copied on neon paper. They were awesome, but I think these will fit the bill a little better for this day and age. During this work overload, I did happen to find the time for some socializing. It's hard to meet new people in a new town and we were so spoiled back home. But we're venturing out and making some new friends. It's funny, I feel like we're almost dating again! Does hubs like the guy? Do I get along with the girl? Hilarious things coming out of my mouth, to people I barely know and no excuse of a buzz! Nice. No, we're actually meeting some super nice folks. Though I felt like I was back in college on Saturday showing up at a party, not knowing a soul. There was a tight group of girls huddled in the kitchen, so I followed the boys outside, played with a big chocolate lab and stuffed myself with their low country boil and steamed oysters. Oh and I watched as one of the boys kept putting old Christmas trees on the fire pit. See… I told you I felt like I was back at Auburn! Alright, back to work chickadees.

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