Wednesday, January 13, 2010

pattern inspiration

She knows me so well. My sweet, dear, soul sista cousin. I'm a picky lady. I can't help it. I like really well designed things. What can I say… it's a curse. So this fabulous cousin of mine, gave me one such well designed item this Christmas. I think she got them at Anthropologie. Go figure, I'm obsessed with that place. She picked out 2 cloth bound, Penguin classics : Sense and Sensibility + Jane Eyre. Be still my heart. They're beautiful and now I want to collect the entire series. I've literally been moving them around my house, trying to decide which spot looks the best. Suppose I should try and read them again too! I was pumped to see this article about the graphic designer responsible. Coralie designed this 10 book-series and included a beautiful matte foil design on each piece. Ahh, what a dream.

penguin classics


  1. Hi Bonnie! I started reading your blog after your comment today, and remembered meeting you! With have a mutual friend in Joyce Wilson. Just wanted to tell you how much I loved pictures of your wedding on Style Me Pretty. I was married at home also- your wedding provided much inspiration! Congrats on the baby, and I hope Cooper recovers.