Tuesday, January 26, 2010

belly laughs

There are pregnancy books, blogs, newsletters, websites and even iphone apps. Overload and overwhelming. Honestly, I am better off not knowing every little detail. Some of it kinda freaks me out. However, over the weekend I started reading a hilarious book called Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. It arrived in my mailbox a couple days ago from my sweet friend Molly. It's very light and funny with a couple of informative tidbits mixed in. Plus I realized I'm not alone in wanting to pop Tums continuously. Thank you Mols! Hubs keeps asking me if I'm reading up on this whole thing as if to say… do you have any idea what you're doing? Well no sir, I don't. I'm counting on instinct to kick in thank you very much. My plan is to rely heavily on all my friends who have bambinos. Ladies, be on the look out for my frantic calls for help!



  1. Woohoo! Glad it arrived in one piece. I remember laughing out loud numerous times and reading things from it to Hunter that he probably wishes he'd never heard. And don't worry - I didn't prepare in any other way. Didn't read any of the "What to Expect" series, no BabyWise, etc. Totally went off instinct. It was a crazy time with a newborn, but we survived!

  2. I read that book and I am not even pregnant! It was really funny. What a sweet present from your friend!

  3. I've heard that this book is amazing and hilarious. And what an adorable little note to accompany it... what a wonderful friend/ support system. It sounds like you are getting ready!

    No bun in the oven for me, but i will most definitely be checking it out in the future!