Friday, January 8, 2010

some old friends

I remember going off to college and meeting some amazing friends. We are still in touch and remain really close even though we're all in different cities. And then there are those friends that I've had since childhood. They're friends that watched each other go through the awkward years of adolesence. When high school felt like the end all be all. The crushes and dances and dramas of being a teenager. I'm lucky enough to have a bunch of these such friends. We had this extraordinary class that has kept in touch even when months go by without seeing one another. Two of these such friends are Molly and Catherine. They used to keep their ponies at our farm and we rode together all the time. Pony Club and Know Down and all sorts of horsey things we did together. We even had matching blue satin "riding" jackets that we wore with our name and "Bells Bend Farm" on the back. Yes, I still have mine and it's awesome. Who wouldn't want a blue satin jacket after all?


So, I had lunch with these two lovely ladies over the holidays. Catherine is finishing up her PhD in Anthropology at Duke. She has traveled the world studying monkeys called langurs. She is one fascinating chick! Seriously, she takes amazing images of her travels and has incredible stories of living in Vietnam, documenting and researching the monkeys. My other pal, Miss Molly, is a momma to Kate and has another baby on the way very soon. She used to teach school and is also a very creative artist in her own right. Plus she's a new blogger: lest we forget. And she's still running with 7 weeks left. Gosh, that makes me feel might lazy. My strolls with an old labrador just aren't cutting it. Anyway, Mols is such a sweet mom and promises to give me all sorts of good advise when the time comes!

oh and this is Harley… Catherine's big buddy. She adopted him from a shelter and I think she said he's part great dane, lab, hound. Either way, he's precious beyond words.



  1. I love it, Buns! And what a great picture of Harley-man! I definitely still have my jacket. My mom was cleaning out a few years ago and I wouldn't let her get rid of it. Good times. By the way, I wouldn't stress about being a light exerciser. I am exercising way more this time than last and have already gained more weight. It makes me feel good, but that's about it apparently! Hope you are feeling good!!!

  2. what fun! hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Oh Bonnie, what a neat blog and what a neat post!! I love it, and I loved seeing you and Molly, as always. Thanks for posting these adorable pics (though we should have had someone take one of the 3 of us- duh!)

    I love this, thanks Buns. Hope you are feeling healthy and strong and that it's warmer in Greenville than it is here!! xoxo love, catherine