Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend confessions

Yall, I have some confessions to make
1 - I started adding a small scoop of Nesquik to my coffee in the morning. It's amazing and completely un-nutritious.

2 - I almost had a panic attack in Sams yesterday. At first I thought it was kind of cool, but by the time we made it over to the frozen foods, I'd had enough. Big carts, big stuff, big people - yikes! We caved and bought a gigantic loaf of fontina cheese and some $5 pink roses.

3 - I ate a serving (or two) of Ts birthday cake at each meal. Recipe to come!

4 - I finished the first "vampire" book. Currier has been bugging me to read these supposedly fabulous twilight books and after a long fight, I surrendered. The verdict is still out. Part of me liked the teenage romance idea, but I can't seem to wrap my head around this whole vampire obsession. It's kinda weird. I'll let ya know if I continue the series.

5 - My body is doing weird pregnancy things. Things I will spare you the details of, but am so glad I can call my friends and ask what in the world is going on.

Just felt like getting that off my chest this morning! Anyway, we had a really nice weekend around the house. It's bitter cold so we did quite a bit of nesting. Though we did continue our church hunt Sunday. Since moving to Greenville, we've been looking for one that's the right fit for us. It's funny how one denomination can truly vary from church to church. So far, we'd struck out, but yesterday we had a great visit to a new one and even saw a baptism. Gosh, that got me thinking about the future! The bambinos were so good and only let a couple squeaks during the service. After church, I came home and finished watching my favorite show, Sunday Morning. One of the stories was about bugs. Not just any ole bugs, but exotic, bizarre and really colorful bugs being used as art. You can read more here, but the idea is he gathers bugs from around the world, arranges them and then mounts them into frames as works of art. And the colors are not altered in any way! Sounds odd, but they're incredibly beautiful and straight from natures hand.


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  1. -Cool bugs.
    -I am on #3 of the Twighlight series. I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I have a group of 9th grade girls that I lead in a Bible study and they just couldn't believe that I hadn't read them yet, so here I go. I have to say, the vampire thing weirds me out too, and the teenage romance just gets a little nauseating. Bella is a total drama queen and some of the romance is so over-the-top for a 17 year-old. Of course I didn't fall in love until 26, maybe I should ask my sister, who fell in love at 15, she might not think it's all so crazy.
    -I sometimes put a small scoop of Trader Joe's sipping chocolate in my coffee. Yum.
    -Pregnancy is weird.
    -What kinds of churches y'all looking at? I'm a good old reformed presbyterian these days, but from what I hear there are some great Episcopal churches in South Carolina. Good luck!

  2. Ha - you can't escape the twilight saga I suppose! We'd been going to Beccas church in Nash before we left which I LOVED and it's Episcopal so yesterdays church was that. The last two were Methodist (for moi) and the next on our list is Presbyterian (for T). I'm pretty open in that sense - just want to find a place we both really enjoy and feel good in.