Monday, January 11, 2010

best cake ever

I have no qualms in saying that this is the absolute best dessert I've ever made. Remember how I said hubs only request for his birthday was chocolate + peanut butter? Well, boy did I discover a doozy! This cake is the perfect amount of sweet and moist and oh my goodness, my mouth is watering as I speak. Good gracious this cake is good and he loved, loved, loved every bite. Now, I take no credit at all for this here recipe - I found it via smitten kitchen (wonderful resource by the way). Next time you have a special occasion it's a sure thang!

By the way, the cake went into the trash yesterday. I was left with no choice. I have zero self control over sweets and it was obscene how much chocolate two people were consuming. Worth every silly calorie, but it was time to say goodbye. My advice : you may want to invite a few hungry friends over so that you don't over do it!

chocolate peanut butter cake
few things I should note…
* I only used two 9" round pans b/c that's what I had, so it became a double layer for moi not a triple.
* After letting the cakes cool in the pan, when I flipped them out, a bunch of the top stuck to my wire racks - no worries I suppose, but it was messy.
* Finally, I didn't do the whole chocolate glaze thing. It really didn't need it - the peanut butter icing was divine and I wanted mine a little simpler overall.



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