Friday, April 30, 2010

caffeine excuse

Out of milk and out of creamer. That's my excuse for driving to Starbucks this morning. Now I make a mean cup of coffee, not too strong & not too sweet, but it's glorious to have a steaming hot latte. Yes, it certainly got me off on the right foot. That and the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. Unfortunately I won't be kicking back with a nice mint julep or two or three, but I love to watch the ponies run. So much preparation and time and money put into this two-minute race. And it's always such a thrill.

Last evening, hubs and I went to a small lecture at the Greenville Museum – part of their "Portrait of Greenville" exhibit. Three local architects and an urban planner gave their points of view on how the city has developed over time. At one point the moderator asked the native Greenvillians (is that right?) for a show of hands and only about 3 people raised theirs! It was all so interesting. If there are any local peeps out there I definitely recommend visiting the exhibit.

this is what I see when I look down…my big "moon" belly at 32 weeks today

And just one more little tidbit… my parents celebrated their 37th anniversary this week. Isn't that amazing? So many events and emotions you go through together. The person that really knows you the very best and loves ya just the same. Cheers to you momma & daddy-o… thanks for setting the bar mighty high.

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  1. i'm impressed that you can still see your feet. go, girl!