Friday, October 30, 2009

creative sanctuary


We moved to Greenville well over two months ago, but just now feel really settled into our house. Since its a rental and we're potentially only here two years, we didn't do much. It's amazing what drapes and artwork will do though. Pictures are hung, furniture is in place and my little office has finally come together. I have my desk pushed up to the windows to get a little light and hear all the sounds outdoors. Birds chirping, lawn mowers going and lots of barking. I had no idea this was such a dog friendly neighborhood. They are everywhere and make their presence known when buddy and I go for a stroll! Occasionally, it's even the tunes of a violin - there is a little hippie guy down the street who plays with the symphony and he practices on his porch. Love it! Our neighbor, who's house I peer out at, is kinda odd though. I've yet to meet him. How weird is that? Every time I try and head outside to catch him, he's already scooted inside. Hmmm, I guess I'll keep trying. Trev has me all freaked out there's something weird going on over there. He's not the most reliable source however, always trying to trick and tease me. Maybe he's a hermit, but I don't want to be one of those strange people that says they never knew the person who lived right next door. I'll let ya know what happens.


Anyway, I got off track. I wanted to share my little nook. Like I said, it's nothing special, but I've tried to dress it up to get my creative juices flowing! We had some store credit so I purchased these two monster linen pin boards from Pottery Barn. They BARELY fit on each side of the wall. Husband asked me if I measured and I said yes. Of course I didn't so thank goodness they worked. I think they are amazing - better than I even expected. One for him and one for moi. I always have magazine pages, invitations, coasters and any sort of cool design saved in a messy pile and now I have blank canvas to put it all on. This is all a work in progress though so more to come. And next I tackle my art closet, which at the moment is out of control.

Sorry about my messy desk. They say wireless these days, but I still have a million cords everywhere because they're all so dog gone different - so frustrating. Anyway, Trev shot this impromptu pic of Currier and me skyping. We show each other layouts and it's so nice to see a real face instead of being on the phone constantly. We still laugh though because this is a dead giveaway if you're looking a little rough in the morning!


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