Friday, April 9, 2010

waiting lists

I've had an eye opening week. Apparently I didn't get the memo about daycare/mothers day out or whatever you want to call it. When you're expecting there should be a handbook given out. Maybe there is such a handbook, but I didn't get my copy. It's kind of like when your friends start getting engaged. I knew people that reserved the church before they had the ring on the finger. Well, let me just tell ya… daycare is the same way. The all important "waiting lists" for the best day cares fill up fast. I'm talking as soon as people get preggo. Guess we're a little bit behind here since I'm due in June. Darn.

So I started asking away. Neighbors, new friends, friends of friends – anyone I could think of that had a baby since I had no idea where people sent their children. Then I started dialing. I visited two really nice places. While walking into the first program I squeezed hubs hand and said, "I'm feeling very grownup all of a sudden." Umm, yes we're having a baby and yes that makes us grownups. Whoa. At this point she was saying things I'd never heard of. Sleep methods & baby curriculum. I felt my feet dragging and my head nodding as the woman spoke. This is a whole new can of worms and I'm having moments of "am I really ready for this?". Probably not, but every time I feel a little kicker in my belly I get a little smile on my face. Oh, and one place said we could get on the waiting list now, for enrollment in January, for the Fall of 2011 class. Nice. Thank goodness for my husband. He puts it all in perspective and loves me. A lot. Plus my prenatal yoga is coming into good use. Just a few deep Om's. Relax. And all will work out as it should.

Ya know one thing I have done though… purchase some baby bedding. Oh yea, we're making some progress over here. Hooray!

It's from the most adorable baby store called Nest in Greenville.


  1. LOVE the bedding. Sleep methods SCHLEEP SCHMETHODS! I followed all those books with Kate and it did nothing but stress me out. Just feed them a lot during the day and don't let them sleep for more than a couple hours at time. Swaddle 'em up real tight at night and let 'em go. Eventually they'll get there. I've had friends that follow schedules religiously and their kids still don't sleep well. My friend Abby, whose philosophy is nurse 'em when they cry has had 2 kids who sleep 10 hours by 8 weeks. Take it for what it's worth. Don't stress. They eat, sleep, cry, and poop. All you have to do is make sure they get fat and stay happy:)

  2. Don't worry, Bonnie. No one gets the memo when it's their first baby. It always works out. I don't think I put my youngest on any lists until April and he was off the waiting list in September. I love your crib and bedding.


  3. I love the bedding! All my friends here in Knoxville are having babies, so I'm learning the ropes with all of this daycare craziness- um, new career plan- start a high qulaity daycare and rake in the dough!

    And yes, I am considering putting my name on a list even though we're not planning on kids for a couple of years. But then, I get worried that I'm jinxing myself and my procreation ability if I do that.

    Can you tell I thnk about things too much? Hee.

  4. Love the bedding- can't wait to see more of the nursery. Everyone around Birmingham gets on waiting lists for MMO and daycare when they start thinking about trying to get pregnant. It's totally crazy.

  5. that bedding is gorgeous. Oh, and don't even get me started on waiting lists. We are hoping to get ellie into a certain school, but I know people have been on that waiting list since birth, ugh.

  6. Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment about the news article! I've been meaning to leave this comment forever but our old-and-busted wireless router likes to do this thing called "not work" half the time.

    Aaaaanyway, let me know if you need any recommendations for child care--I have a master's in Early Childhood Ed. and I was the Assistant Director of an NAEYC-accredited center for three years. Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, just sayin...I know Greenville and I know child care.

    PS I LOVE your blogs...I stalk your Tenn Hens portfolio like it's going out of style!

  7. Makes me feel so much better to know others have experienced the crazy waiting list phenomenon. I'm sure it only gets worse as they get older and need to get in real school :)

  8. looks so beautiful bonnie! thanks for the nod!