Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sunny morning

I couldn't sleep at all last night. Ya know when your mind just won't stop racing? As much as I tried, I could not let my brain just relax off into slumber. It was whizzing around pondering work and life and some decisions I need to make. Darn this getting older thing where life just continues to get more complicated. Waking up to sunshine helps. A new day, a new start and having Cooper dog wagging his tail, ready for his morning jaunt. Poor fella got knocked down yesterday. The neighborhood bully dog came out of his yard and attacked him. Well his back legs are very very weak and he fell down. My instincts kicked in and I kicked that dog right on back. Scared me to death. And scared the bully too. He ran back under the fence mighty quick. My big buddy was shaking and rattled. He's no fighter, but back in the day he could've at least defended himself. It was sad, but he's a trooper and there were no serious injuries. He got some extra treats and maybe even a little pain pill out of it too. But like I said… today is a new day and we're both already off to a better start.



  1. oh, i've had that problem a lot recently too! how come no one tells you about how complicated life will get? i just lay there and think, "stop thinking." never works.