Monday, April 5, 2010

easter weekend

Along with the nice weather, brought a packed weekend around here. One of my dearest friends, Andrea, came in town from Charleston which was such a treat. We're old college friends and I don't get to see her nearly as much as I'd like. And I loved showing her around my little world here in Greenville. We went to Pomegranate for dinner and got to sit outside and enjoy all the activity of North Main on a Friday night. There were people, children and dogs in every cranny of downtown. Hubs joined us for dinner and we had the best time catching up, telling funny stories and talking babies. I loved hearing all the "real" details from a friend on what it's like. So much better than what you can read in a book. Anyway, I didn't get to throw back any pomegranate martinis like Ange, but I loved every second of having a good friend around.


Hubs and I got invited to a little cookout Saturday and were pretty excited to be included. We sat out on this wonderful porch, had a delicious meal and met some nice new folks. I tried really hard not to talk baby all night. I swore I would not be that person, yet every thought that enters my mind lately concerns this butter bean in my belly. So I tried to ask questions, talk work and tell stories. It's a funny thing getting to know new people in a new town, but when all was said and done… I think we did fine and had a really nice time. Then I curled up in the bed, listening to the breeze outside my window and the next thing I knew, it was Easter morning. We barely made it to church on time and squeezed into a pew as the sanctuary was completely full. Everyone in their Sunday best: seersucker, bow ties, hats, and smocked dresses. Just lovely. We then toasted our families, friends, and life over plates piled high with brunch at our neighborhood spot, The Bohemian Cafe. Feeling mighty full all over, we rolled back home and onto the bed for an afternoon nap with the birds chirping and Cooper dog snoring.



  1. loving your pictures. looks like a great weekend!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. It sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  3. what a lovely weekend and love those pics!

    One of the great things about living in the South- Seersucker on Sunday mornings!

  4. that pom martini reminds me that i need to go back to that post you made about some drink that sounded delicious. i'm fair game for that these days!