Monday, April 12, 2010

knack studios

Just when I start missing home, I discover another little piece of Greenville that I love. I talked about this before here, but there's a studio here in town called knack studios. The woman behind it takes old furniture and refinishes it with an artistic flair. Every little detail like the knobs + drawer liners are thoughtfully updated. And not that we're friends, but I admire her blog a lot and she seems like one cool chick. May just have to mosey over and introduce myself one of these days. Anyway, there was a great read about her studio in this online mag called Southern Flourish. Not sure how I got an email about it, but it's cute and worth a browse.

images via knack


  1. I will so go with you when you track her down. Looks like a good friend to have! I LOVE her style. Does she have a booth at Antiques on Augusta??

  2. Yes, we'll have to plan a little visit to her studio for a tour! I think she does have a booth at that antique store. Love that place too!