Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a yellow haze

It's a yellow haze around here. My computer, books, car, porch, the kitchen counter, and even the dog. They're all covered in a light yellow pollen dust. Eww. That explains all my sneezin', but I insist on keeping the windows open because this weather is just too wonderful to miss. Poor buddy just got a bath yesterday and now he's rocking a yellow tint to the black fur. I guess that's why all the jumbo bumble bees are out too. Big suckers are swirling constantly around my house with the pollen, but I don't mind a bit. Now that I know how important bees are they can keep on a buzzin'. Did you know local honey can help with allergies? It has to be local, but supposedly it's a natural combatant. Oh, and honey in your coffee… delish. I promise.

a not happy buddy pre-yeller pollen tint…


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE honey in my coffee!... glad there is another. Most people think its weird.