Wednesday, October 28, 2009

charleston : part 2

Now on to the houses! In order to see a lot in a short amount of time, we opted for the touristy carriage ride. Typically, this would not be my thing, but I have to say it was nice. Our feet were tired so it was very relaxing to be escorted around by a draft horse at 19 hands high. I sort of tuned out the guide after a while and was just enamored by all the beautiful homes. I loved the skinny "Charleston" style ones than faded deep into the lot. They were nestled close together, but each seemed to have its own little garden hideaway. I couldn't help imagining all the grand soirees that must have taken place back inside.





Ivy carefully manicured up the steps or half way up the side of a carriage house. It was spectacular.




On our way to the residential side, we passed these signs - aren't they fab!



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  1. I love these pics, Buns. Hunter and I went to Charleston for a "babymoon" 2 years ago, then back last year for a wedding. We'd move there in a heartbeat! Glad y'all had fun!