Wednesday, October 7, 2009

some new kicks


From work, to parties, to the beach, to our trip to Europe - I wore these little suckers all summer long. No, they don't appear to have any support, but man are they comfy. They've treated me so well, I may even buy another pair when they wear out.

Now that the temps are cooling off though, and Fall is officially here, I'm in the mood for boots. My cowboy boots are the best, but while shopping at Target yesterday I spied some fancy, short ones. Why is it that every time I walk in that store, I walk out with an article of clothing? It's ridiculous really. They had 2 pairs left and lucky me, one was just my size. I mean, $29 for a pair of boots?! Yes please! They're cheap material, trendy and I probably won't like them next year, but for now... woo-hoo, I really dig 'em. I even slid them on this morning to feel like a working girl going into the office. Instead I was walking into my home office with no one but the dog to notice, but hey, it's fun to pretend!


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