Thursday, October 29, 2009

packed lunch

On days when Trev has to run out the door super early to be on campus all day, I pack his lunch. He's a sammie kind of guy. Turkey, ham, chicken or tuna, "sandwich please" is the answer he gives me each morning. Easy peasy, except that it's a little hard for me to deal with mayo at 7:30 in the morning. But I smear it on willingly, then cut the whole thing in half. Husband is also a chip man. I swear we go through a jumbo bag of chips a week. Cape Cod are his fave, but this morning it was baked kettle chips. They'll do just fine. Next, I usually put in an apple or banana for a lil bit of healthy. Occasionally, this returns home with him, but I try. Today he will find a treat in there too. It was buy one get one free Halloween candy at the grocery and I figured we would need some for the trick or treaters. What I didn't take into account was that having kit kats & reeces cups around the house for two weeks would mean I would eat them too. In fact, I may have to go back for more because we've put a dent into our stash. Bummer.

After looking at this pic, I've gotta get some old school paper sacks - these plastic ones just won't do. Now his classmates will really be jealous of the married guy.


And not that it's very exciting, but here's what I had at my desk today. Tuna melt on an english muffin, killer strawberries and sparkling clementine juice. Next tuna time I am trying this.


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