Friday, October 16, 2009

dreary day lunch

Yesterday was overcast and cold here in Greenville, as the leaves begin to fall. It was my first day back after a long weekend home. Coop dog and I headed out the door for his morning ritual, amongst all the barking neighbor dogs. Hubs was out the door too and when big buddy saw his car he tried galloping after him. His old bones didn't carry him too far before breaking to a slow trot. Such a sweet buddy. After a busy morning of work, I decided it was time for a warm me up lunch like I'd seen here. First I fried up an egg - broken up slightly because I do not do runny egg. Then I buttered up some toast, sliced up some havarti & cheddar and made a grilled cheese with egg. Oh my… I will be repeating this little number very soon!


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