Monday, October 12, 2009

gray coats

Saturday morning, Daddy-O and I headed out the door early with one jack in tow. A little chill in the air and a fog hung over our heads. It was fitting weather for a funeral. Fortunately, this was no average, real funeral. We were headed to downtown Franklin for a reenactment of sorts. They were laying to rest, an unknown soldier whose bones were discovered nearby. The streets were packed with onlookers, but we made our way down the street. And of course, Mose was the hit of the parade. Everyone wanted to know what sort of dog he was and wanted to pet the curly little buddy.


My favorite part though was the women dressed in full period garb. They had big black petticoats and short veils. I thought it might be a little weird, but honestly... it was way cool! We had a really good time and it was fun to have some time with Dad all to myself.




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