Saturday, October 3, 2009

mattress search

We had some important errands to do, but I convinced Trev to stop in an antique shop (antiques on augusta) during the process and it's my new favorite place! I loved all the beautiful kilim rugs and quirky finds in each booth. There was so much I wanted to scoop up and take on home with me.


can't stop thinking about this screen, painted to look like a book shelf - incredible!

So… on to the important errand: Ever since we got married, Trev has been begging to get a king size bed. He grew up sleeping in one. I did not, so I've never really understood the importance. They just seem so huge in a room. But, he's a big-un.... 6 foot 4, so I caved. What we discovered is mattress stores are not that pleasant. Slick salesmen and you have to lay down on a bed that's bed tested by who knows who before you - yuck. Plus there are so many choices, by the end we were more confused than when we started. No purchase today, but progress was made and I see a king in our future!



  1. Hi! I linked to your blog from a comment on Wanderings of a Wannabe. Love it! Welcome to Greenville. I love Antiques on Augusta. That booth that you photographed is Mayme Baker's. She has a great shop downtown behind Chicora Alley.

    Mary Bennett

  2. Thanks for the tip - I can't wait to check it out!