Monday, October 5, 2009

unique shelter


He sure is sweet I tell ya. Until I meet some friends here, husband has been tagging along to various events he would ordinarily pass on. Saturday was one of those such times. It was the North Main Home Tour put on by the Greenville Symphony. And actually I didn't have to do much convincing once he found out the Frank Lloyd House was on the tour. Yep, that's right, he built a home right down the street from us called Broad Margin. It was totally unique and very much what I pictured of his style. Built in 1954, it's one of less than 20 buildings he designed in the Southeast. You can see the extreme roof line as you walk down the drive as it goes right into the earth. One of the coolest things is the living room. There is a massive fireplace of native stone in the middle that even let's water in when it's raining.

Now is my time to confess. Stickler for the rules husband got mad at me, but I took some pictures. They said no photos, but come on, does it really matter? Maybe this makes me a rule breaker... so be it!


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