Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just one bite

Trevor doesn't have classes until 3 on Wednesdays, so today was a good day for errands. Of course we had to try a new lunch spot along the way. Moving to a new city is such a good excuse for eating out! A friend had recommended an old, local favorite called Strossner's. I was a bit skeptical when the sign said "bakery, cafe, florist & giftshop." Hmm… but I thought it a good sign to see lots of little old ladies filing in. It totally reminded me of The Picnic - a local favorite back home that serves the best chicken salad in the world. Strossner's bakes all their breads daily and had the most amazing looking sweets. We sat for lunch and tried their chicken salad sandwiches which came with a pickle speak and two delicious cheddar biscuits. Very good, but next time I'll get the chicken pot pie because everyone around us knew something we did not when ordering. And yes, I though it necessary to pick up some of their sweets for the road.

Thought I could hold off, but which shall I sample? Only a nibble.. save the rest for later.


… went with the pecan square and devoured the whole thing!

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