Monday, October 19, 2009

my grandmother


I woke up feeling kind of sad this morning. The sun was finally shining, but I just didn't feel like welcoming it. I worked through the day though, figuring it was just a case of the blues. Except this was different. One year ago today my grandmother, Miriam McGaw Cowden passed away. I didn't even remember it was today until I spoke with mums. I guess my blues had a right to be here. I miss her so. She would tell me to be strong and not cry. But I miss her hands and I miss hearing her voice. She had an old Southern accent that you don't hear anymore and it gets harder to remember. Every time I smell baby powder, I'm transported back to the little pink tiled bathroom in their old house where she would poof the white powder on us after a bath. Mom went to her Town & Country Garden Club meeting today (which Mimi insisted she & aunt Louise enlist) and wore the "Lady of the Hall" bracelet Mimi received at Vanderbilt. She said everyone wanted to look at the little engraving on the inside. We were blessed to be around her and have her love us.

This is a handout we created with some old pics for her service. The top says : Miriam McGaw Cowden, born Nov. 2 1919 - her gracious manner and genuine interest in other were hallmarks of a memorable life.

This pic is from after the funeral last year. We raised a glass to Mimi and sat and told memories from the past. Fiona - Joyce - Michelle - Mom - Aunt Lola


  1. I bet you were eating cream of wheat i nthe picture! oh such great memories - I miss Mimi too - love ya Bon - Lorenzo

  2. We were at Vero Beach. You and Mimi both had on your warm-up suits!I LOVE THIS PICTURE.
    Eventhough it made you sad, I am glad you got to express such a sweet memory.
    Mum aka "MayMay"

  3. buns! i remember playing in their craft-o-matic bed when we were little!