Thursday, October 15, 2009

little punkin

I've been slacking on the blog the last couple days, but my excuse is I've been in Nashville and just drove back yesterday. It rained the entire trip and I can not believe how much dreary rain we keep getting. Luckily, it was a gorgeous Fall day on Sunday and this post is full of color! I fact, I had to split this up so more party pics to come. My friend Amy has a little girl on the way, so we showered her in pink this past weekend. A group of friends took on hosting duties and divvied up the tasks.




My job was to get the house in tip top shape - my parent's house that is. My folks sure are wonderful. Mom had been out of town and Dad was super busy, but they didn't bat an eye when I said we had 25 ladies coming over the next day. They went right to work, dad in the yard and mom helping me make the house look party perfect.


I started by heading to a flower shop in Nashville. I stepped into their huge coolers of gorgeous flowers and was blown away. And maybe a little carried away too. They were just so pretty and the buds looked so tiny. I figured we needed a lot. So, of course I walked out with 5 dozen…yes, a little overkill I now admit.



You could say my father is a bit of a collector. Actually, that's an understatement, he's a huge collector! So, there are quite a lot of props around the house to choose from. One of the things I had been eying, were these antique coffee cans. Perfect for stuffing dozens of flowers in. Their antique colors and lettering is amazing.


The other hosts took care of the food and they did not disappoint. We had this amazing winter vegetable & bean soup, salad and rolls. Oh and we had to have cupcakes; strawberry, red velvet and caramel... deeelish!




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  1. Buns, you're totally going to do my next party. At least the invites and the flowers. I might just have to think of a reason to have a party some time when I'm in Nashville.