Friday, March 5, 2010

from across the pond

We better all run get in line now, because I think this is going to big 'un. Liberty of London for Target. I remember, very clearly, walking into the Liberty store. I was studying abroad in London for the summer and momma came for a visit. She whisked me away from student life for an afternoon of shopping. It was divine. I'd never heard of the Liberty brand, but mom said we had to visit the huge Tudor style building. It was beautiful and had all these nooks filled with floral patterned frocks. There were chic Brits walking around everywhere and I remember being so taken by their style. I was at Auburn, at the time, and you could say it was a bit lacking in that European style. Shocker I know. A large winding wooden staircase in the center lead upstairs and every corner turned up something new. I bought a simple light blue shift with pockets, that I still own, but I'm still kicking myself for not buying one of their infamous prints.

But now here we are and this incredible brand is available at Target. Not that it will be the same experience by any stretch of the means. You won't exactly find fashionistas in the dressing room, but I am still anxiously awaiting this British arrival!




images via stylebeat

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