Wednesday, March 10, 2010

special delivery

Over at Tenn Hens, I've been working on a sweet job that I want to share. It's such a treat to work with people you know and this particular client is an old friend of the fam. And it's an exciting time for her… she's having a baby. The concept was to incorporate the mother's move from Music City to the Big Apple in a whimsical design. A stork, in a cowboy hat of course, flying over the Brooklyn Bridge with a very special delivery. After all, who wouldn't want a country music, twang singing bird to deliver their baby? Sounds a lot easier than the real thing!



Oh and speaking of sweet things for a party… Cupcake party kits. These are mighty clever and would be killer at a baby shower.





  1. How cute!! Love the design! Those cupcake kits are fabulous too!

  2. Precious invite and mailing label.

    And those cupcake kits are adorable. I'll have to remember those!

  3. i have to say i think i've spent the past hour on your blog! it was one of those great blog moments when you feel like you've met a friend- i found myself saying, "ohh i love that" at every post!!
    can't wait to visit again soon!

  4. beautiful invitation! and now I'm hungry for cupcakes :)

    oh...I saw Grey Gardens and really liked it!

  5. So sweet! Your blog has been a treasure to read! xo