Wednesday, March 3, 2010

winding down

Check out this big 'un. This is River, my moms horse.
I was doing a little test with a wide angle lense. He kind of looks like a donkey.
Sweet as pie this one!


As I warmed up leftovers tonight, I watched hubs play hide the tennis ball with big buddy. Room to room they were chasing one another. It was pretty funny and nice to see both of my boys in good spirits. Coop has been feeling pretty good lately and I am super grateful. Well, I'm off to bed with this growing belly. Have I mentioned how bad it sucks not being able to sleep on my stomach? Lot's of shifting going on during the night.


  1. I need to bring Kate to see the horses some time.
    I hear you about the stomach sleeping - I slept on my stomach the 2nd night home from the hospital (well, the few hours I slept) and it was glorious. Of course, then I woke up and it wasn't my stomach making me uncomfortable, but the sistahs a hair north of the tummy;) Had to get up and let the babe empty 'em!

  2. Yes - please bring here to see them! It's like the funny farm out there. I'm so glad you're home and doing great. Yes, I'm afraid of what my "sistahs" are going to look like by that time! Could be a hot mess by the end.