Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lee Bros.

Yesterday was really nice. I woke up and took the buddy dog outside in my pajamas. Bed head, funny pj pants, a pullover and uggs. Really lovely I'm sure. The neighbors don't mind. Coop gets fed first, but then it's straight to the coffee maker for moi. I carefully unrolled the newspaper and began to devour over the Times and a little muffin. Sunday Morning played in the background as I occasionally paused it so I could finish reading a story. Sometimes reading and listening is a bit much, even for a multitasker like myself. I don't feel a bit guilty lounging on the couch on Sunday mornings. It's completely relaxing. I did however, manage to make it out of the house. Hubs was busy studying some accounting program that made my head hurt, so I headed out the door solo. The Cooks Station was hosting a cooking event by the Lee Bros. and I was not going to miss it. Remember when I mentioned those divine buttermilk cakes? These were the guys so I was very intrigued. The place was packed, but I squeezed in and could occasionally see one of their talking heads. Low and behold they made the buttermilk cakes. Yippee. Good ole southern gentlemen they were. Someone asked them their favorite Charleston restaurants and I quickly jotted down The Wreck + Hominy Grill. Now I really need back down there for a visit.


Since they have a new cookbook out everyone queued up to have them signed. They were passing out some food and so I stood patiently awaiting a little cake. By the time I got up there though, there were none in site. Well darn. I wanted to see how mine compared. I did get to briefly speak with them and mentioned how much my mother and I loved their recipe from the Martha show. Apparently it's one of their wives faves as well. Smart lady. I haven't had a whole lotta cravings, but these cakes are up there. My book was signed… "cook up a storm and enjoy!" And indeed I will.



  1. What fun! Both of those restaurants are yummy! You definitely need to visit down here!

  2. Mmm. I love The Wreck and Hominy Grill. That is such a fun Sunday outing- I love their cookbook and the new one is on my wish list.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. your blog is great and all the food shots are making me hungry!

  4. how incredibly exciting! love a great cookbook. still haven't gotten this one yet, but it's on the list.