Tuesday, March 23, 2010

no good, very bad day

Don't ya just hate it when things when things don't turn out the way you want? We were all packed up and the sun was shining. Cooper dog was nestled on his bed and traffic was not too bad for a Friday afternoon. Hubs and I were leaving town and all geared up for a relaxing, sunny weekend in the mountains. My family has a home in Beersheba Springs and it's one of our very favorite spots. It was built in 1858 so there are loads of stories floating around this rambling old house. We've added quite a few ourselves. I've been going since I was a child, but hubs and I started taking friends up there every summer. It became an annual weekend for about twenty of us every 4th of July.


Everything was just cheeky Friday night. We opened up the house, turned on some dancin' tunes and made a yummy, easy dinner : Fettuccine with Artichokes + Beans. Anyway, we could not have been more excited for our visit. After all, this was going to be our last time as a family of two. One pesky little thing was about to stand in our way..... a stomach bug.


Saturday morning rolled around. First to bed and first to rise (that's what not drinking will do to ya), I made muffins and took my coffee to the front porch swing. It's always a few degrees cooler up there, but I curled up with my book and was quite content just listening to the birds. By the time hubs got up I was all ready for a hike. That's when when he started feeling a wee bit queezy. We both heard a rumbling inside his ole stomach. Let's just say it went down hill quickly from there. No watching his basketball game, no walking to the bluff and certainly no cooking a big meal together that evening. Here we were in the beautiful Cumberland mountains (yet in the middle of nowhere) and he couldn't even leave the bedroom. Well dog gone it, I put on my nurse cap, ran down to the country store (and when I say country, I mean REAL country) and weeded through all their dusty stock for an armload of meds, juices and even a thermometer. He had a fever + plenty of other ailments I will spare you from. This boy was sick. And then I started to panic thinking what if I, the preggo one, start getting sick too? Yikes, this could get even uglier. Remember that book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Well, we could relate. But all things shall pass and I did not get sick and we survived. It was a long trip back to Greenville the next day, but the bug is gone and brighter days lay ahead. Hubs is all better and back with his head deep in a pile of books. And me, no worse for the wear– just settling back in to the bungalow and dreaming of all things baby. Though I did make a teeny tiny purchase yesterday that was completely non-baby related and I can't wait for it to arrive. Let's just say it's one of the few items of apparel I can purchase in non maternity sizes. Hooray for that.


license plates


  1. sorry you were sick! still got some fun pictures though.

  2. Your pics are gorgeous. Sorry about the sickness. That happened to a couple of our friends that went to the beach this past weekend too. That virus is awful!!