Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday lunch

Gosh, I have a good husband. We were leaving lunch when I remembered Liberty of London was debuting today. Some basketball championship was on, but I somehow convinced him that I really "needed" to make a stop at Target in a bad way. Sweets that he is, said we could make a quick stop so that mother dear and I could run in and check out the goods. I'd kind of built it up too much in my head, but it was still pretty cute. We left with one printed tunic and one mini journal set. Not bad for ten minutes. Then we were off like a bat outta … well you know.

My sweet grandfather hosted us for lunch. The cousin and her husband joined in so we had quite a crowd. I love granddaddy and he was in a delightful mood today. One teeny little thing though. He insisted on telling his friends that Lauren + I were pregnant. Only he left out the word pregnant and used "getting fat" instead. Assuming friends already knew we were expecting. Minor detail, but I'm pretty sure we left with folks just thinking we're packin' on the pounds.


My body is exhausted from a busy weekend. We attended the funeral of a close family friend, which brought a lot of old friends together. There were many stories and memories shared. It's reassuring to be surround by so much love, but also such a sense of sadness when someone is gone. Reminded me to hug everyone just a little bit tighter and take each day as a blessing.

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  1. What a precious family photo.

    Old men are the best- getting fat. That makes me laugh.

    I'm so sorry for your loss....